Autistic Empath


I was contemplating on the two notions: empathy and telepathy. There is a great connection between the two. The one person I have in mind is autistic. Many are used to seeing autistics as the opposite of empaths. Wrong! I believe new research should be made or something, but it is plain wrong! Just sharing my personal experience, that is. Wish I could say more, for now I’m just contemplating, as I said. If someone has something to add on this – please do. It’s not like: “I don’t know your mind exists” But rather: “Your mind for me is an open book…” See the difference? A big one, a very big one!  Feel free to add me on my personal Facebook page for further discussion: Evelina Iablonskaya. Talk soon. Also, check my instagram: evaisco. I am more often on those two than on wordpress, due to the busy work schedule. It is usually more appropriate to post something short there. Anyhow, I am sorry if it takes me longer to respond to some of the messages I get on wordpress. Feel free to directly message me in case something is serious and important. No BS, please! Thanks, appreciate. No dating etc. Lol.


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