WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? the pronoun you is used here in solely literary purpose to establish closer relationship with the reader and can be addressed to you as well as to me and anyone else, enjoy… feel free to add me on Facebook – Evelina Iablonskaya and my Instagram evaisco

Who do you think YOU are? What you refer to as “you” is just a bunch of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that’s it! But that is not really “you.” You think that is “you.” You don’t even live or experience life to the full extend. You are just stuck in your psychological drama. It’s like you were watching the movie in the theater and fell asleep. That is what going on with your life for real. Now imagine – the movie is over and you suddenly woke up. But that is too late, the movie is already over. That is how most people die, unfortunately. They wake up only at the end of their lives… You thought your thoughts and emotions were your life… That’s the most unfortunate self-deception. What is going on in your mind, what is going on in my mind actually means nothing at the end. We can sit in one room together and have absolutely different dramas going on in our minds. Let me open you a secret – your or mine, for that purpose psychological reality is not existential reality. These are two different things, my dear friend. Your or mine psychology has no existential basis. You can make up whatever you want! Whatever you want… It’s just in your head, that’s it. If your psychological creation in your head becomes bigger than the real Creation, you need to set this anomaly right. It’s O.K to make your psychological reality. But you must be able to switch it off when you don’t want it. It cannot be on for 24 hours. It is not the reality. You are just making it up. It you understand what is real and what is made up – you have awaken to your true Self, my friend. Now you are ready to navigate your way through life!


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