Close Your Eyes

The whole world that is around us is majorly experienced though our five senses. Is that right? Please answer this question: have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? If you have, I want you to comment: I would like to know more about your experience. Yet this is not an an article about any kind of out-of-body experience. It actually is an invitation to come back to our senses. You probably heard many mindfulness teachers calling us to become more mindful by becoming more sensible or senses oriented. Yes, our body is a metaphor. Our mind, our emotions, our spirit embodies it. So, where do you see this article right now? Inside yourself. Where do you decipher the meaning? Inside yourself. So, close your eyes, and allow yourself to relax and relish even if just for a moment in the ease that this closing of the eyes can bring. I will simply guarantee you the immense pleasure of immediate relaxation that will follow. This is like coming home to Your True Self. There is the strength inside of you that you have never experienced before. It is much greater than anything you have every thought you are capable of. And this strength is not something foreign. It is Your Inner Voice , your guts, your Future and The Most Accomplished Self is talking to you. And you do not need to hear any words. This conversation is in silence. It is not something conceptual. Relax into this silence, and feel safe. I hope you will have a wonderful moment with your eyes closed. Talk to you very soon, Evelyn Jablonski. Namaste


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