Health and Healing through Vipassana

When we feel that this or that life threatening situation is beyond our control, we choose to act in various ways. At times people get depressed, devastated and even mad. But this never helps to change the situation. What we need is the insight. Is there any good reason to be mad? What is important to learn it is to realize what exactly is the cause of my discomfort, pain, uneasiness, sadness, fear, and so on. When you think you found or realized what is the cause, stay there. Pay deep attention to it, don’t try to act compulsively, It does not mean you cannot act upon the problem fast. You can act fast if the situation demands and you are capable of doing it. But what is important to learn is that most of the time this is not the case. Most of the time in difficult situations rather than re-acting, acting compulsively, try to stop. Sounds like a strange advice at first, but wit…

Pay attention to everything what is going on and try to look at the situation as if you were watching the movie. Imagine yourself to be an independent observer. What will happen next will surprise you. Decision will come on its on. Don’t rush it. It may take longer to ease into the unknown, to let go and sit still. Don’t act and don’t even wait. Waiting implies impatience. So, don’t wait, just be there with this unknown, mysterious peace, and trust it. You won’t need to “come up” with what you should ┬ádo. There is something in you that knows more than you think. Some call this intuition.

Whatever you call this quality , it is very useful and can be developed. You need to have a very clear awareness of what exactly is happening. This awareness cannot be based on your desires or attachments, it should rather be based on letting go. As I said, although we are talking about insight, you are not necessarily “looking” for the insight. The peace that you make with the situation and the tranquility – they bring the insight. Put your mind to rest and abide in this state of deep calm. You can only acquire it if you have strong faith that you are totally supported and that everything is as it should be. Nothing is happening by accident, you know.

Often we cannot reach this insight because we are so “bewitched” or attached to the wall of illusion that separates us from reality. When you realize this wall, the liberation and the transformation are complete. You are not the same person any more. The difference between change and transformation is significant. You can change this or that situation, but the foundation of the problem remains the same. When real transformation happens, nothing of the past remains the same. Namaste.


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