This Quality of Mind that is called Mindfulness

It can be called many names. Some call it mindfulness, thoughtfulness, paying attention, awareness…All of these words are fine. Whatever you call this quality…There is no way anyone can overestimate its importance as long as you know that it is a tool and not a goal in itself. It is not a coincidence I am returning back to discussing mindfulness prior to getting more in depth into the discussion of intuition. Intuition may be compared to the spark that may appear in the result of proper connection of other wires. Those other wires are a lot of conditions, but the core foundation is mindfulness itself, no doubt.

There are various schools of thought that classify mindfulness in different ways. These classification, although very important for those schools of philosophy, play hardly any practical role for the person who simply wants to use the tools. Yet to give you a slight glimpse of what I am talking about, let me share this. Some say that consciousness is usually bound to the five senses we know. but at times consciousness itself is considered to be the sixth sense and at that point is often mixed up with intuition. Another important thing to learn about practical use of consciousness is that when we become conscious or act consciously on demand, we exercise what is often called thoughtfulness or mindfulness.

so, consciousness is the capacity that humans naturally have. Mindfulness is the choice and the acting upon this capacity. We all act every moment and even every second of our lives, even when e sit and do nothing. We think, we breathe, a lot of physiological and chemical activities are constantly taking place in our minds, energies, and bodies. When we pay no attention to what is going on we can say that we are in a sleepy mode and our awareness is low. Yet the moment we decide to start paying attention to any of those functions – we are in the mode of mindfulness, watchfulness, wakefulness, or choose your own word to describe it.

The difference is tremendous. It can be compared to being asleep and waking up. It brings choice and energy. Compare mind to the locomotive and energy to the wagons. Wherever that locomotive goes, the wagons follow. Wow! Want to try?Put your two hands on your laps and close your eyes. Now take some deep breaths. Several times. After that, with your eyes still closed, turn your hands upside down and still keep them on your laps. Now try to notice what exactly happens with your breath. How different your breath becomes? What part of the body do you breathe from when your hands lay up? What part do you breathe from, when they lay down? Take another experiment. Put your two hands in front of each other and hold them several inches apart. Now put your full attention to the pinkies only. Keep that attention fully on the pinkies for a minute and see what happens. Usually most of the people feel warmth immediately. Nothing strange about this warmth. There can be many different ways to explain what exactly happened. You start feeling energy flow in the part of your body you concentrate upon. Some scientists may call it blood rushing to those place, others call it all sorts of waves from electric to electromagnetic. I have never scientifically researched what kind of waves those tactfully are, this I am holding no side and no opinion about this. If you know more about this, please share in the comments. One thing I know for sure, that this is the result of your mindfulness working, the stronger your mind is the stronger the energy flow you receive. Talk to you very soon, namaste.




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